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Indulge yourself in the greatest scheme of counterfeiting ever told. This is a true-crime adventure of incredible proportion an intrigue; a federal case that dwarfs the bank accounts of many a millionaire.

You'll live the experience of photographing money, creating printing plates, mixing inks, and counterfeiting $15,000,000.00 while shuffling through the secret pressroom deep inside his tightly-secured Miami home. Cutting, couting and concealig more than a ton of cash can only be done in clever ways... you will be amazed!

Witness the destruction of millions of dollars in multiple firestorms that explode out of control. Experience the panic and chaos as semi-burned money rains down upon his neighborhood. Feel the exciement of burying millions at midnight in the Floridian tropics.

Board the apprehensice fligh to Las Vegas, and walk them through the bustling casinos where handfuls of cash are exchanged without a second glance. Feel the sorrow as the counterfeiters are caught and courtroom drama ensues - followed by lengthy prison terms.

Within a sea of shining razor-wire at the federal penitentiary, they are forced to live amongst arms dealers, arsonists, bank robbers, drug lords, embezzlers. smugglers, yacht thieves, and many other criminally minded at "Club Fed."

Contents / Chapters

  1. A Gangster And A Millionaire
  2. Let Your Fingers Do The Legwork
  3. Lights... Camera... Currency
  4. Getting The Right Paper
  5. Cutting... Counting... Ageing
  6. Hidden Treasure In The Floridian Tropics
  7. Money To Burn... Literally
  8. The Counterfeit Cashing Tour
  9. Tragedy Averted
  10. The Beginning To An End
  11. Father And Son Strike It Rich
  12. Courtroom Lies... Truths... Revenge
  13. "Club Fed"... Your Tax Dollars Spent
  14. The Counterfeit Millionaire's Legacy

Book Reviews